We manufacture, sell and provide expert advice on Hydraulic Cylinders. The cylinders are made to ISO, Cetop and NFPA standards and come in wide range of bores and strokes.

Rugged gland designs ensure leak free, environmental friendly performance. Manufactured to a superb quality system the cylinders are an ideal choice for those specialist applications that require absolute integrity of the pressurised envelope.


  • Eleven Bore sizes 25mm to 300mm
  • Strokes to 5000mm
  • Pressures: 160, 210, 250 and 350 bar
  • Mounting Styles: Flange, Trunnion, Rear Eye, Feet
  • Low Friction Seal Options
  • Servo Cylinders
  • Position Feedback Transducers
  • Industrial and Mill Cylinder Options
  • Electronic Position Control


  • Cold drawn seamless and DOM steel cylinder barrels
  • Replaceable gland and steel cartridge
  • Choice of piston seal and rod seal options
  • Cushioning available at both ends
  • Heavy chrome plate, induction hardened and stainless steel rod options
  • Stainless steel hydraulic cylinders available
  • A range of low cost welded and tie rod cylinders

Powerline Cylinders

•  Screwed construction for Heavy Duty industrial applications
•  To ISO 6020/1
•  210 Bar

Heavy Duty Mill Cylinders

•  250 bar
•  To ISO 6022

Tie Rod Cylinders

•  To ISO 6020/2
•  160 bar


The combined skills of the design team and our modern manufacturing plant results in one stop bespoke solutions for special applications.

Coal Handling Cylinder with Integrated Valve Manifold Block


  • Displacement Rams
  • Single and Double Acting Press Rams
  • Extrusion Rams
  • Mill Cylinders
  • Miniature Cylinders
  • If it is Hydraulic and Special...Contact SWP Hydraulics

ELECTROLINE RAM – Intelligent Cylinders

A compact hydraulic cylinder, pump, reservoir and electric motor. Simplifies installation by eliminating external pipework and need for a separate hydraulic power pack.

    50, 63, 80,100 and 125 Bore

    up to 2000mm


  • Sluice and Lock Gates
  • Conveyor Ploughs
  • Bunker Doors
  • Damper Control
  • Windmill Blade Trimming


A free standing mechanical locking device released by the application of hydraulic pressure.

  • The ultimate safety device for press safety during tool changing or press unloading
  • Available in capacities from 1 to 160 tonnes
  • The Bear-Loc® can be integrates into a conventional hydraulic cylinder