Torqmaster Semi Rotary Actuators are of a rack and pinion construction providing constant torque over the total rotation. They are designed for long life and arduous duty over many cycles.
Gear teath materials and processes are carefully selected to ensure the maximum in performance and reliability.
A low cost MINI range are designed for light duty applications (up to 160 bar best for mobile and tooling applications).


  • Output torques 208Nm To 42kNm AT 210 bar
  • Eleven model sizes TM1 through to TM300
  • Male plain, splined and hollow shaft options
  • Cushioning and end stop options
  • Standard rotations 100°, 190°, 280° and 370°
  • Intermediate rotation
  • Two port facility simplifies pipework installation
  • Valve Actuators with mounting stool, manual override and spring return
  • Position indication options
  • First Level certification for naval applications
  • Also available in NAB, INCONEL 725, MONEL K500 and stainless steel
  • Ball and Butterfly valve actuation
  • Turn-over machines
  • Door operation and Security gates
  • Transfer line walking beams
  • Rubber production
  • Car production automation systems
  • Paper machinery and Marking machines
  • Sub-sea R.O.V. actuators
  • Submarine hatches

Hydraulic Rotary Actuators for
Watertight Door and Sub-sea

Torqmaster Semi Rotary Actuators

Spring return. For turbine steam control valve

Hydraulic Rotary Actuators with manual override

Valve actuator assembly
Gas/Oil/Fluid Transport

Torqmaster Actuator fitted to a 100mm ball valve, complete with IP67 switches

Hatch Actuator ( bronze) for Submarines

Payload Door Actuator